Subtract On The Pier 007: Bedouin & Doc Martin

Bedouin is a fast-rising DJ / Producer duo from New York. To hear their eclectic and dreamy blend of house and techno will be honey for our ears, as we watch the sun set over the ocean! Having honed their sound in the dark recesses of New York’s underground, and polished them on Burning Man’s […]

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Subtract On The Pier 005: Doc Martin & Jay Tripwire

Doc Martin and Jay Tripwire are household names in house music, and we’re excited to have them join us for this edition of Subtract On The Pier. Beautiful sunsets in the company of friends, warm ocean breeze gently whispering in your ear, it’s no surprise that Sundays are quickly becoming LA’s favorite past-time. Doc Martin […]

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Deep Dive • Doc Martin

For our first ever pool party, we couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate than the legendary Doc Martin. A true house music pioneer and hometown hero, Doc’s dance floor prowess speaks for itself, with everyone from Dixon to Ricardo Villalobos and Craig Richards lining up to share the decks with him. As if that alone wasn’t enough, joining him will be our own Anton Tumas, Moontribe’s Ben Annand, and Ralph Macho: a special back 2 back vinyl set from Jeniluv and Heidi Lawden.

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